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💛 Being a good friend full of naughty bodies is something that shouldn't be missed. With a bright and smiling personality


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  1. Post by Fank

    The girl was there and that girl worked and how many clients I decided to book the dessert for, after a random selection of my goals there, and just to check how good she was. Out to be a good session. Very flexible and running, not listening to my advice, with different positions, I could see her as a rubber on that day.

    Looks pretty cool 7/10.
    Catbath is very spectacular.
    Shower 7/10 SOP Shower Standard with a bit of a standard washcloth BBBJ and then she AR me while standing.
    Her GFE 7/10 GFE is very good, she can KC very well with her sweet voice embrace, frenching and other stuff.

  2. Post by Eava

    Was feeling born and tired of work need to relax. so just try my luck and walk up and down. I see her cute open the door. her yes yes. Her start work soon. Opted for FJ as i was quite tired. she told me to stand at the edge of the bed and FJ me standing. first time for me. Looks good. She smiled at me and held my dick and asked if I need massage. The banging part was the standard, missionary, doggy whatever we normally do. I just love admiring her slender petite legs. Good Luck and Thank you again !

    Look: 7/10 ( cute)
    Boob : 8/10 (so big)
    Body : 7/10 (Small size)
    BBBJ: 7/10 (BBBJ with fire)
    FJ : 7/10 (he moans really loud)
    GFE: 9/10 (return again)

  3. Post by Morgan

    Was a little happier I will miss this place I look forward to it again Maybe next time

    Looks (7.5 / 10): I like her look She has a short, stylish hairstyle.
    Boobs (8/10): cup and nice and soft to the touch I spend a lot of time squeezing them. Nice
    Bathroom (7/10): Body massage and massage like a fool. BBBJ is also good.
    BBBJ (7.5 / 10): agreed effort Start a little light until I tell you to suck more difficult

  4. Post by Sophia

    Cute for me Finish after a few positions. Nothing too fancy. The second match, she cowgirl crushed me for a while, moaning non-stop sound with a "tall" expression on her face. Feels like she is using my dickhead to rub on her G-spot. Good service. Very satisfied women.

    Looks like - 8/10 (looks more seductive than I expected)
    Body - 8/10 (a good body for the family)
    Boobs- 9/10 (full natural cup)
    BBBJ- 9/10 (Love the way you do it, I really like it)
    FJ- 9/10 (She is horny, has sex with her everything)

  5. Post by Opal

    Overall, it was a very good period that I felt dry and very happy with myself, especially her BBBJ. It was great, plus big tits, it was a definite turning point!

    Body - 8/10 (good body)
    Boobs- 9/10 (full natural cup)
    BBBJ- 9/10 (Love the way you do it, I really like it)
    GF Feeling- 8/10 (Friendly Sweet Girl)
    Service - 8/10 (higher than I expected)

  6. Post by Cameron

    I just wanted to share the experience. The room has a massage bed and with proper towel lay nicely and professionally done. The I lay on top of her and she hold my hand. She keep quiet for a while and after that her stomach moving and she moans. some during and slowed again. The girl's normally more than happy if you give them.

    Age: young, young, young!
    face: 9/10 the look like those facebook leng lui, no joke, she's cute!
    Body: 7/10 sexy with nice jerk up
    FJ : 8/10 tight and take good care of her pussy.
    BBBJ: 7/10 Good preparation for what came next
    Massage: 7/10
    GFE: 10/10 at first shy than slowly like talk

  7. Post by Lalisia

    Service ... I'm super polite saying they are beautiful. BBBJ licked anal with you and allowed anal. She is not the most attractive girl. (More porn star categories)

    Figure 7/10 refer to sexy pictures..damn
    Frenching 7/10 yesssss
    Shower cat 7.6 / 10 Very licking tongue from my ear to the ankle. My finger stimulates my body
    French 7.7 / 10 War Stop the tongue. Very good is her French.

  8. Post by Hao

    Talk to her to express my concerns in the hope of getting credit in the future. She says she is working. Lol, bathing, bathing, bathing, bathing BJ, and then changing a few positions from the top women along with The teacher then finished with a doggy. She used her fingernails to scratch my back slightly ... shiok

    Good Facial: 7/10 Skin
    Surface: 9/10 She is FAIR !!! She's clean
    Look: 7/10 CFM look
    Chest: 7/10 He says it's too big.
    Pussy: 7/10 quite tight

  9. Post by Som

    Decided to repost again with new vocabulary. Generally, the two reports are identical. The BJ has a soothing cap, so But she makes sure you can see her BJing you. I agree and let her lay down on me with her happiness. She can be tedious. But she is willing to vary the speed and catch if you tell her. On the whole not spectacular But not too bad either. Make me feel like King Bros pls treat her well. See the gong in the way out and talk a bit too good looking. Marsh will come back soon.

    Catbath: 7/10 starts with a light kiss, planted on the neck and face.
    Body: 7/10 fair. Very smooth
    BBBJ: 8/10
    GFE: Very tall, able to speak English well, even a little Mandarin n Hokkien will come out personality. Ice before you know it

  10. Post by Oene

    Her service is excellent. Tell you what your amulet is, fantasies, she will help you She is the best to make you comfortable with her body language. She is a natural conversation and without any wit.

    Boobs: 7/10
    Body: 7/10 (although the breasts, hips and buttocks are proportional)
    Massage: 7/10 (Not bad at all)
    Face: 7/10 (Absolute)
    Boobs: 6/10 (Small & Soft)

  11. Post by Luke

    Enjoy with able to please her in the previous session. But when it came I wanted to attack you, so I muttered that I want to do the same to you, and finally, you lick her back up to my ears and then roll me away to hug and fascinate. It's a great experience.

    Form: 7/10 Ideal Shape
    GFE: 8/10 Perfect. I like the characters.
    BBBJ: 8/10 Excellent start, slow, warm start gently until the end of every action.
    DFK: 7/10 A good kisser with 'bite' lips and strong but not deep tongue action.


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